The Influence of Environmental Conditions in Arctic Regions.

On May 19th, 2024, Ƶ once again participated in the MBBS Admission Expo 2024 in Latur, held at Hotel Brij Residency.

The event provided medical aspirants with a platform to engage in in-depth discussions with university representatives and learn about the offerings for MD~MBBS in Guyana. Students who attended the event gained valuable information about the admission procedures, visa application process, and available scholarships and discounts for studying MD/MBBS at Ƶ in Guyana.

Some of the students and parents expressed a strong interest in exploring medical education opportunities and took the initiative to enroll in the MD~MBBS programs at Ƶ, availing themselves of discounts, exclusive scholarships, and other incentives offered for MBBS program admissions.

The event concluded positively, with students leaving with high hopes regarding MBBS programs at LAU. It provided an invaluable platform for students to engage with university representatives and gain deeper insights into the medical education landscape in Guyana. Attendees departed with a wealth of information and a sense of excitement and anticipation for their future medical careers. The success of the event underscored Ƶ's commitment to supporting aspiring medical professionals from India.